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prescription sunlens event

prescription sunlens event

Single Vision UV Custom-Tinted Lenses
starting from just $99/pair (reg. $149/pair)

For Better Performance: Add Polarizing (Lenses that cut out glare) just add $70.

For Best Performance: Add premium Anti-reflective (AR) coatings to enhance clarity & reduce eye fatigue add another $80.

Free upgrade: Nikon Seecoat plus

Free Upgrade
NIKON Seecoat Plus UV
Nikon's Top End Premium Lens Coating

Purchase any Nikon Lens with ICE coating, mention or print out this Eyes Inspire Web Promo and receive a FREE UPGRADE to Nikon SeeCoat Plus UV ( a $40 savings ).

Enjoy the Nikon SeeCoat Plus difference from your Nikon specialist at Eyes Inspire ( a Nikon Black Alliance "Black Belt" member ).

More durable & scratch resistant
Dust Free
Anti-static property keeps lens clean & clear
Optimizes lens transparency so you can look natural & see better
Repels water, oils, fingerprints & dirt, making it easy to clean & keep clean

For more information, go to:www.nikonlenswear.ca/eng/coatings